Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pocketing the Leeches.

The land before time DCXIII

It was around two o’clock or so it seem the day had been a thrill. Yet I am never really good at keeping track of the time so I lay on the usual couch and start browsing for a good horror movie. A good horror movie? What am I thinking where in the 21 century all people want to see are thrillers and dramas! What happen to the cheesy movies where theirs topless women running around in the woods? While been chased around by some guy we can barely catch a glimpse of. See I guess I shouldn’t be one to talk much I wasn’t a old enough during the 80’s when all the good stuff was going. I was barely 4 yet going into the 90’s been at the age of 5 sure did help I was able to catch a glimpse of true horror. The great movies with kick ass action featuring Chuck Norris, the movies with comedy featuring Chevy Chase, and I cant forget the Horror movies featuring sloppy actress running around topless. Oh the time was perfect so many movies been developed and not a care in the world from the MPAA. Blood spills and brutal fist fight leaving one oozing out guts full of anything a director could think of and put in… (maggots, roaches, worms, and anything else which would make one want to puke).

Well anyways as I continued on my search for some good horror movie to put me to sleep. I landed myself upon the news (the closes thing to horror, action, and comedy). Currently I hear theirs a big commotion going on with Cuba? Whatever I don’t care. Yet as I continued to watch I became interested seen how Fidel Castro could be such a hated yet loved man. Come on that sickens me to see people hate someone so much to go out in the streets with your damn flags of pride and cheer on someone’s death. While all this half ass cheering was going on there you saw a reporter interviewing people asking them how they felt. While I didn’t pay much attention to this still been bothered by the hate in people. I was able to hear some interviews going on. Some that caught my attention so quickly I just couldn’t stand to hear anymore… yet I continued.

Interview 1

“Are you exited about the current news going on in Cuba with Fidels health?”

Random Idiot:
“yes yes of course the old mans time is running out! I am 40 and he’s maybe twice my age I can outlive him and return to Cuba.”

(waves his Cuban flag around)

Interview 2

Blahh blahh… “If the possibility of returning to Cuba comes up will you return?”

Random Idiot:
(waves flag around yelling out nonsense)
“Yes!! I would return to Cuba its my home place my true country.

Reporter: “isn’t the US your country?”

Idiot again:
“never Cuba is my only country id leave this place anytime.. Id pack my bags and leave now if I could”

(waves flags)

Ahhh after just hearing this nonsense it drives me crazy to know that these people are hogging up Americas land and just living here for the hell of it. They see America as a Lock it yourself place where they can just come and store themselves from harm. This “place” as they so like to call it gives them so much and this is how they view America? It just sickens me to hear this.

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